Men's Hair Cuts

Men's Hair Cuts

Today's men's haircuts are very reminiscent of days gone by. Almost all of the haircut styles men are wearing now have been around for many years.2014 mens hairstyles Even some cuts worn by popular celebrities are similar ones that men had centuries ago. These days, pretty much every haircut is regarded as acceptable, in days gone past society wasn't always as tolerant as it is now. Regardless of what haircut you determine to wear, your haircut represents your identiity. These haircuts are some of the popular men's haircuts today.

The Fade - This haircut is a clipper cut, that is scalp short on the base layers and gradually tapered up to length that will stand up on top. It is very short and very cool in hot climates and also very "cool" looking. Other styles like the fade would be the "crew cut" or the "flat top", they're usually combed upward and locked in place with a gel, wax or pomade.

The High and Tight - Another clipper cut, it's shaved near the scalp from your nape to the peak section of the head. The rest of the hair on top is clipped very short and tapered downward to remove a ridge. The High and Tight needs to trimmed weekly or biweekly to maintain. It's a extremely popular haircut for guys within the military and law enforcement field.

The Skater's cut - An even layer cut that starts at the eyebrow level and hangs over the ears then rounds the nape from the neck. It usually has a "grown out" look that swoops to one side. Popularized in the 1960's as the "Beatle Cut", it's just about the most however you like men's haircuts today.

The Shag - Is shoulder length and is cut from your bottom up with each and every layer getting shorter until it blends into long bangs. The Shag usually part itself in the middle, since its layers graduate to the peak. This haircut may be popular for guys
and ladies, because the 1970's. Mens Haircuts

The Caesar - A short cut resembling a bowl shape with chunky layers and short bangs.
This style's existed for hundreds of years and has adorned numerous famous statues. It is also very fashionable among today's celebrities.